About Us


Company history

Santana Construction is a design-oriented architecture firm that is committed to excellence in custom architecture and design for residential, cultural, corporate and academic buildings.

We combine rigorous design with construction management experience – a rare combination that leads to a distinctive design process and end product that are aesthetically and intellectually rigorous as well as financially informed.

Our design values are modern:  efficiency, logic, beauty, honest expression of materials, and clean lines and forms that allow the architecture itself – the space, light, materials, spatial relationships – and inhabitants to thrive.

The result is an architecture that is current but timeless, serene yet warm, and universally rational while also being uniquely reflective of the values and characters of our clients.

In addition to ground-up work, the firm has expertise in major modern renovations and construction in Europe, and it’s willing to import this quality to Uganda.

Our Success

  1. Santana Construction is an energy, architecture and construction company registered with the Registrar of Companies in Uganda.
  2. Number of years of experience in the provision of the works, services of supplies under reference: More than ten (10) years.
  3. Santana Construction pledges to deliver from Low Cost houses to High end Consumers providing quality services that match the value paid for.


What the company does?

We pride ourselves in providing Architectural, Design and Construction services that are as flexible and convenient as possible for our clients. Our dedicated team delivers every home as promised. Our clientele base ranges from Architectural services, through Design up to Construction work.


Our Belief

We believe in utilizing technology to make things simple and easy to use. We also believe in thinking ahead and delivering products or services that can fit well with upcoming future technologies.

Our Leadership

Headed by Analytical, enthusiastic, employees with a strong technical background, we possess extensive experience in the Architecture, Design and Construction and have successfully implemented many contracts across Uganda.

Our Focus

Maximize the rewards of our diversity and delivery capabilities by providing courier end to end solutions, which are easy to maintain and operate. Forward thinking approach to provide innovative and easily manageable solutions, enabling customers all over the world to benefit from our services

Business competitiveness

Shelter is a basic need and the means to acquire shelter are not a luxury to the majority that need it. So our business and company come in handy to the Public to bridge the gap between themselves and a home. That my dear, creates an advantage for our company.


Equipment hire

    • Road equipment
    • Cranes
    • Generators
    • Brick machines

Manpower & supervision

      • Architectural
      • Engineering
      • Electricians
      • Masonry
      • Carpentry
      • Fitters
      • Welders
      • Surveyors

PV Solar Projects

  • 1. Construction
    • Housing
    • Schools
    • Commercial
  • 2. PV Solar projects
    • Off grid
    • Grid supply


Engineering and Technical Advice 

Our engineering and technical assistance services offer highly efficient and permanent solutions and services, with the mission of covering all the needs of our clients, providing reliable and safe installations with a long useful life.