We do NGO construction Uganda management for those that wish to construct in Uganda. This caters for both Compnaies in Uganda and those out of Uganda. Santana Construction Uganda does;

1.Poject management


3.Project design.

Below are the projects we have managed for the NGO construction Uganda. We are glad we were part of this team and gave the funders a smiling face.

Father Bodewig Secondary school

Construction of Father Bodewig SS Masese

Donated to society by a Spanish Non-Government Organisation called Fundacion Mis aldeas with the intention of boosting the education quality of the area. Masese is a suburb out of Jinja town with a low educated society. With this school, the odds are bound to turn in favor of a better society. Most of the residents in this area have to earn a living by going to Jinja town and find work and the other lot of parents have to work in the factories around Jinja industrial area. Most of these jobs are not that well-paying but this is the best they can be offered with the skills and knowledge that they poses.

Santana Construction Uganda was the company that did the management of the school construction. The leading architect on the project was Carles Ramada a Spanish architect based in Uganda. His role and input made it possible for the Funders to achieve this dream that they set out to achieve. Completion of the school was achieved successfully with the completion dates and quality as planned.

St Anthorny Primary School – Butabala


Donated to the Kamuli society by two Spanish NGOs namely Siguendo tus Pasos and Deporte y arte solidario.
The offer was given as grant and its through Santana Construction Uganda that the construction was made. This school is managed by a committe and the goal was to increase the quality of facilities in the school. The previous structures of the school were wooden classrooms and thanks to the Grant, the school now has permanent structures.


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