We plan and design affordable high standard european based structures as per request ensuring that they are up to standard with the most rescent residential concepts,perfect for joint families. They are designed homes that feature a srtong holizontal composition with larg open floor plans, intentional asymmetry, and large expanses of glass walls and windows. The focus here is to create simplified homes with an emphasis on function – removing unneccessary details and frills.

We create Low Cost houses but under a very strict supervision to ensure a high quality. Further more we are aiming at Improving the quality and quantity of affordable homes in Uganda for government employees, corporate class and those in private sector with reliable income. Environmentally quality homes meeting the needs of the economically fragile groups in Uganda.
Price ranges shall be from 40 millions and beyond. The client shall therefore choose what range is good for them.


Government employees, corporate staff, private community in Jinja with reliable even if small monthly income.


2 and 3 bedroomed homes, could be low and high rise structures because mortgage repayment will be 5 to 20 years. So payment is to be as flexible as fleble can be. Implementation shall be through Mother public organizations like, NSSF, Uganda national teachers association, wazalendo SAACO,CAN. guarantees for their employees where a section of their salaries goes to their home construction funding.


Santana Construction Uganda aims at delivering affordable homes to low income earners especially the government and corporate staff. Also those self-employed with reliable incomes. Today the Housing Market in Uganda is difficult that low income earners rarely get the chance of owning a home.
Homes are built by Real State investors whose major objective is maximizing profits and disqualifies the low income category since monthly salaries determine the borrowing power of our target group. Thus limiting home ownership. The average costs of a 6x5m home with 2 bedrooms standalone home or house can cost 13.000.000 plot excluded somebody with a monthly salary of 500.000 and interest rate of 16% will be able to pay back in 20 years.


The bank interests are very high in Uganda are high and yet our citizens are low income earners. Demand for shelter is also on the rise on a daily basis and yet earnings are on the low.
in conclusion, Santana Construction is here to work in partnership with you to address the supply and access to affordable homes.
Why Santana Construction
Our advantage is that we are using affordable Hydraform technology to construct affordable homes. In cocnlusion we shall help solve the housing problme in Uganda.

As the general contractor, we first create the highest level of trust and integrity with our clients.