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solar energy and products in Uganda Africa
Plot 51/53 Lubas Rd. Trans Africa Plaza
P.O.Box 551. Jinja. Uganda

Solar Energy

Domestic Solar Services

Electricty, a basic need in this life we living in. A power cut can ruin a moment that 100% fun to 0% fun in 2 Seconds. So Santana Construction Uganda we recommend clients to go with Solar energy. The sun, a free good for us to use.  Therefore, these are the items we sell and the services we offer for domestic users.

We supply and install Home water Heaters. To make an order we require you to have an idea how many users shall be using this heater and how often. This helps us in determining the right size to deliver to you. Secondly, supply and installtion of lighting systems. Here we also do outside lighting, Landscaping lighting so make your compound well lit at a less cost.

Solar systems installation is another service that we offer. In the event that client prefers solar for back up system, we can Install it. To clients who prefer a full installation for off grid installations, we can make it happen. Lastly, we do install Solar cameras for your outside blind spots that you need covered. You name it, we deliver it.

Communal Solar Services

Security is key. We supply and install security cameras for communal use. These are cameras that can be installed on the street to monitor street activities. In addition to that, we also deal in solar speed Cameras. These are key in cubbing fast drivers. They are essential in telling the speed of the driver and a footage. Lastly, we supply and install street lights. These are key in keeping the streets bright at night.

Industrial Solar Services

Back up power source. We set up a system that in the event power is out the Industry keeps running business as usual. Furthermore, we can construct a power supply to connect the industry off grid and extra solar energy produced, can sell to those in need at an agreed price.

Solar Park Construction.

Santana Construction Uganda  eqiuiped with the knowledge and skills to construct a park. Uganda as a country not fully connected to the power lines. So off grid clients are strande and yet solar energy is cheaper than Hydro.

Recent Project

Santana Construction Uganda has been the main Ugandan contractor in the construction of the Photovoltaic Soroti Green Energy Power Plant in Soroti.The power station will have a 10 megawatt capacity, which will be sold directly to the Uganda Electricity Transmission Company Limited for integration into the national electricity grid. The power evacuated via a substation near the station. It is estimated that the energy generated will power approximately 40,000 homes located near the station, thereby keeping transmission losses to a minimum.

Solar Park

Aerial view of Soroti Solar Park

Santana Construction Uganda has done the works for:

  • Civil Works. Drainage systems, fencing, cable trenches
  • Electrical and mechanical assembly of solar panels, metallic structure, inverters, transformers. More than 200 workers.
  • Evacuation line. A 33kv overhead line of 3km concrete poles
  • Cranes, 4×4 forklifts, cherry pickers, low beds, containers

The Soroti power plant is being developed by a consortium of Access Power MEA (through its subsidiary Access Uganda Solar), a company based in the United Arab Emirates, and TSK Electrónica y Electricidad, a company based in Spain.

Construction timeline, costs, and funding

The budgeted construction costs are US$17 million. The project will receive partial funding from the European Union Infrastructure Trust Fund through KfW. The construction is ongoing, with completion expected in the second half of 2016.

Soroti Power Plant Summary

The solar plant Soroti 10,13 MWp in Uganda based on photovoltaic technology (PV). The solar modules receive the irradiance emitted by the sun, which it is turned into electricity by means of photoelectric effect.

The current produced by the modules, which is direct current (DC), furthermore converted into alternating current (AC) through an electronic device called inverter.

First of all, AC power collected by combiner boxes. Afterwards sent up through transformers. Furthermore injected to the grid while using delivery station. The main equipment of the delivery station are the switchgear and the auxiliary transformer. Opuyo substation recieves power output through an over head line.