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Renewable Energy Services Uganda

We can offer our services as an engineering company specialized in the field of renewable Energy Services Uganda. Our experience and commitment to innovation and continuous improvement of new energies makes us one of the leading companies in the field of renewable energy and energy efficiency.

In our company, we believe in an energy model based on indigenous sources and respectful with the environment based on the use of the renewable energies, on job quality, on the energy efficiency and savings. The dedication to the study, development and installation of highly efficient systems based on the application of renewable energies and with the ever present objective of reducing energy consumption, allows us to offer our clients an integral service of high quality for all their needs.

Engineering and Technical Advice

 Our engineering and technical assistance services offer highly efficient and permanent solutions and services, with the mission of covering all the needs of our clients, providing reliable and safe installations with a long useful life.


We have an extensive experience in the development of renewable energy and energy efficiency projects. One field of action where we are working intensely is the energy saving in the municipalities and industries, helping them through the performance of energy audits and feasibility studies in their buildings as well as lighting, review and negotiation of contracts with power companies and ultimately incorporation of renewable energies as an element of saving and awareness of sustainability within the municipalities and industries optimizing their energy demand.

Among our staff, we have PhD engineers, energy consultants and agricultural engineers specialized in solutions for the needs of the agro sector and in special in the energy needs.

The following lists are the projects that we have taken part in the past 10 years:

– 600 kW solar photovoltaic (PV) power plant in Valverde del Camino (Huelva- Spain). Feasibility study, design, construction and commissioning (2006).

– 5 MW solar PV power plant (Arsol project) in Diamiel (Ciudad Real- Spain) grid-connected on trackers. Feasibility study, design, construction and commissioning (2006).

– 10 MW PV power plant in Quintanar de la Orden (Toledo – Spain). Feasibility study, design, construction and commissioning (2007).

– 13,2 MW PV power plant in Siracusa – Catania (Italy) grid-connected. Feasibility study and engineering design in 2009.

– 100 MW concentrated solar power plant in Alcazar de San Juan (Ciudad Real – Spain). Feasibility study and engineering design for 8 hours energy storage system. Project ASTE (2008 -2010).

– 30 MW wind power plant in Sorihuela (Salamanca – Spain). Feasibility study and engineering design) in 2012.

– Feasibility study and engineering design of a biomass cogeneration for a board industry in Betanzos – Spain 2014.

– Design and construction of a 71 kW direct PV irrigation system of 71 kW Donhierro (Avila- Spain). 2016

– Feasibility study, design and installation of a 123 kW solar photovoltaic irrigation system in Madrigal de las Altas Torres (Avila – Spain). 2017.

– Feasibility study, design and construction of three broiler farms in Villaverde de Iscar with a capacity of 30.000 broilers per farm and growth cycle. 2015.

– 45 kW PV installation for a grid disconnected pig farm for 1500 sows in Aguilar de Campo (Palencia- Spain). Feasibility studies, design and construction.

– Feasibilty study and design of a biogas digester for methane production in a chicken slaughter house for supply of thermal energy. Avicola de Iscar. Iscar (Spain). 2013.

PV Soroti Power Plant construction. Uganda. 10MW (2016)

– Energy efficiency program for the chicken slaughter house in Valladolid. Spain (2017)