Plot 51/53 Lubas Rd. Trans Africa Plaza
P.O.Box 551. Jinja. Uganda

Home Construction

River Bank Home Construction

In Uganda, some of the best views to construct a home is by the river side. Ideology of achieving this view is to entrust the project with state of the art Architects. Santana Cosntruction has a variety of exposed architects. The team has world wide experience in construction of Dream homes.

Refrence being  the Austin-based North Arrow Studio. Has raised this glazed house on stilts to offer its residents elevated views over tree tops in rural Texas, using the iconic Farnsworth House as a reference. Located in Texas Hill Country near Austin, The RoadRunner Residence is modelled on modernist architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe’s famous house, which is also built in a rural setting – on the edge of Fox River, Illinois. As with the original, North Arrow Studio made the walls of the one-storey Texas house mainly from glass to open up the interiors to the surroundings. On the western side, all the living spaces are offered views of the rolling wooded hills.


North Arrow Studio create Road Runner Residence in Texas

The Foundation

The Home is designed to stand on strong Concrete beams. This gaurantees a stable balance and helps in the leveling of the home. One does skip the cost of leveling the area so as to cut on costs. Taking a look at the photo above, we all now have an idea of making this foundation. Looking at maximising space, the place below can further designed to be an extension. look at it as a basement. With this sloping land or terrain, we construct heading down wards not upwards like many think. With the beams in place, we seal off the place and with say glass walls then we have a home.


The Balcony

Built heading towards the hanging space of the plot of land. Stretching out the balcony gives more space for expansion.This means that even the living room can be made more spacious. Advisable to construct the walls of the living room with glass. Gives the Home life and boosts its view. To feel the connection to nature, one just does slide the glass door. Having a wide balcony does give room to all home occupants to have that river view at all times. Even when there is a meeting in the living room, those home can use the balcony as a relaxing area.

The Back Yard

Every Home needs ample space be it inside or Outside. Families will at some point have Children who after them come the Grand children. In the event the two categories are not enough to convince you for a compound, then a party here and there. Bottom line, we all need that green in our homes. So, thats why we plan more on pushing your Home in space so as to leave you more space for the compound. This back yard comes in handy when you need some space to get in touch in nature. Do some farming here and there, Barbeque when frineds come around.

The Compound.

We design this Home to grant you a variety of breath taking views. Besides preserving the green in the home we make another extension of the compound. Create another balcony to extend towards the slanting part of the plot. Below that extensioon can be the guest wing or whatever you wish to make it. From both balconies, the Home should feel like an island or like a Home on a Ship.

The Interior

Setting out to Design and Construct such a home, nature, space and uniqueness should intergrate. Looking at the photos above, we need the house to be like that. Movement in and out of the house is much appreaciated if its hustle free. Glass and wood dominate the Interior. Couple of walls here and there. Bottom line is to keep it Simple, unique and natural.

In Conculusion, We are aiming at giving you a place you can call Home. Come make your construction with us and you will live to tell a tale.