Santana Construction Uganda has a wide variety of generators. Ranging from sale to hire, we have you covered. In stock generators use both Petrol and Diesel. A selection of the generators are both road-towable and stationary
If you’re unsure which generator is best for you, our Helpdesk are happy to assist you. Call us on 0751912977 with the combined wattage of all the items the generator will be supplying power to. This Wattage of an item can normally be found on the rear of the item(s) or on a label close to the socket. This information can also be found on the manufacturer’s website.
If we don’t have the generator that you require, we shall order it in for you. This is done as fast as we can dial.

Hiring a Generator

Santana Construction Uganda, looks out for your best of intrest. Having an event that needs a generators, Dial us with details. Details do help us to narrow down to the best generator that you need. We offer both mobilisation and demobilisation services as per the agreement. A security fee is paid on the generators before leaving the company premises. We attach an operator on these Generators so as to keep it running incase of a breakdown.

Buying a Generator.

The process is pretty much the same. You therefore need you to explain to us what the Machine shall power. This helps us to narrow down to the real Machine specifics. Both parties then agree on delivery options. Can deliver to an address or you can do the Pick up from our stores.  In the event the Generator is not in stock, we order from the manufacturer. Delivery details are shared with you. Santana Construction Uganda, is here to serve you. we both in this until the end.