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Design team

A construction project in the modern industrialized world. Usually involves the translation of designs into reality. A formal design team gets assembled to plan the physical proceedings, and to integrate those proceedings with the other parts. The design usually consists of drawings and specifications. Therefore prepared by a design team including surveyors, civil engineers, cost engineers (or quantity surveyors). More teams include mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, structural engineers, fire protection engineers, planning consultants, architectural consultants, and archaeological consultants.

The design team is most commonly employed by (i.e. in contract with) the property owner. Under this system, once the design is completed by the design team, a number of companies or management companies is then asked to make a bid for the work. This is based directly on the design, or on the basis of drawings and a bill of quantities provided by a quantity surveyor. Following evaluation of bids, the owner typically awards a contract to the most cost efficient bidder.

Team Intergration

Large firms do intergrate separated specialities. in the past, architects, interior designers, engineers, developers, managers, and general contractors were more likely to be entirely separate companies, even in the larger firms. Presently, experts from all related fields as employees are in Architecture or construction firms. Else associated company provides each necessary skill. Thus, each such firm may offer itself as “one-stop shopping” for a construction project, from beginning to end. This is designated as a “design build” contract. Therefore contractor does a performance specification and must undertake the project from design to construction. while adhering to the performance specifications.




Construction Project

Several project structures can assist the owner in this integration, including design-build, partnering and construction management. The project structures allows the owner to integrate the services of architects. In addition to interior designers, engineers and constructors throughout design and construction. In response, many companies are growing beyond traditional offerings of design or construction services alone. Companies are placing more emphasis on establishing relationships with other necessary participants through the design-build process.

The increasing complexity of construction projects creates the need for design professionals. Proffesionals have training in all phases of the project’s life-cycle. They have developed an appreciation of the building. An advanced technological system requiring close integration of many sub-systems and their individual components, including sustainability. In conclusion, Building engineering is an emerging discipline that attempts to meet this new challenge. Therefore Construction Projects shall be a success much as there is competion.